Book Launches


The Launchpad is located in the Lakehouse which is 80 metres to the right of the North Byron Events Bistro. 
Please follow the signs or ask a volunteer for directions.


cover sexual abuse handbook

Sexual abuse survivor’s handbook
Writen by John Saunders

Sexual Abuse Survivor's Handbook is a journey of one man’s healing to inspire you on your own. Offering loving insight, the author’s daughter and partner speak, bridging the family gaps created by abuse.  Shame silences those who have been abused. Now someone is speaking up about it. Here is a first hand account of the first duty of care case presented in Australia to the Catholic Church and the amazing outcomes that follow.  A valuable resource for men, women, fathers, mothers, brothers, sons, mates, mentors, partners, lovers and wives. Here is hope that healing and peace can be found despite the chaos. Break the silence heal the shame. Spark a dialogue with your soul.

locationLakehouse -  Sexual abuse survivor’s handbook
date and time12.00pm-1.00pm (Friday 2 August) ticket priceFREE


if i tell you aug 2013

If I tell you I have to kill you Ned Kelly Awards
Lenny Bartulin, Marele Day, Kerry Greenwood, Michael Robotham



locationLakehouse- If I tell you I have to kill you
date and time2.00pm - 3.00pm (Friday 2 August) ticket priceDOWNLOAD AN INVITATION


New Philosopher magazine
Edited by Zan Boag
Presented by Ross Coulthart
Discussion panel: Tim Dean, Signe Cane, Antonia Case Contributions from Peter Carey, Michael Leunig, Clive Hamilton, Peter Singer and Andre Dao  

“I’m delighted to learn that such a magazine will appear in Australia.” Professor Peter Singer AC.

“Interesting ideas. I’d like to cooperate.” Noam Chomsky, the world’s top public intellectual.

“How this publication makes my heart sing.” Dr. Alecia Simmonds, Merewether Fellow, Columnist for Daily Life.


locationLakehouse- New Philosopher

date and time10.30am-11.30am (Saturday 3 August) ticket priceFREE


inevitability of stars

The Inevitability of Stars
Written by Kathryn R Lyster MC’d by Shelley Kenigsberg.
Launched by Susanna Freymark

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet set amongst the beauty of Byron Bay and the grind of Sydney. Rip and Sahara have always been together. Primary school friends to high school lovers, their ties to each other are as intertwined and inescapable as the roots of the Byron Strangler Fig. But like that same tree, the tendrils of their love are beginning to stifle and choke, and soon, Sahara finds she must leave — moving to Sydney to pursue her career as an artist. In Sydney, Sahara draws the attention of Sean, a charismatic entrepreneur, and is quickly drawn into his expensive and glamorous world — so very different from the quiet, simple place of her youth. But even as she creates a new life, and a new version of herself, Sahara cannot seem to leave Rip behind. Back in the Byron hinterland, Rip moves to a working farm to recover from the wounds Sahara left. It’s here that he begins to understand his past and reimagine his future. But as Rip rebuilds, Sahara unravels, losing herself in Sean’s shiny, but meaningless world and plagued by visions of her previous life and lover.

To see an interview with Kathryn go to this link:

locationLakehouse- The Inevitability of Stars
date and time2.00pm - 3.00pm (Saturday 3 August) ticket priceFREE:  DOWNLOAD AN INVITATION


the camros bird

The Camros Bird
Written by Diana Greentree, launched by Benjamin Law

A tale of courage and of unconditional love. As a political dissident, Amir has risked a dangerous sea voyage to Australia in order to escape capture in Iran and even death. Olivia, an Australian singer falls in love with Amir and enters his world of secrets. As their love blossoms, Amir reveals to Olivia the darkest of these secrets, one that will tragically alter the future they have planned together. The story explores the true stories of many who have fled war torn countries to seek refuge in Australia and have struggled with the traumas triggered by lengthy incarceration in immigration detention centres.

locationLakehouse- The Camros Bird
date and time4.00pm - 5.00pm (Saturday 3 August) ticket price




to sea in a sailing ship

To Sea in a Sailing Ship
Written by Sue Vader, launched by Mungo MacCallum

In the fading glory days of the legendary Age of Sail, a slip of a girl fulfilled her dream to sail across the world on two of the last windjammers, L’Avenir and Parma,in the mid-1930s. That ‘slip of a girl’– Mary Lang –was the late aunt of Byron Shire writer, Sue Vader. Sue embarked on a voyage of discovery – a journey around her aunt –captivated by the evocative diariesMary kept as a passenger/apprentice (the only woman aboard) and marvelled  at the historic photographs both by and of Mary. 
As Mary’s daughter, Anne, recently remarked: ‘Who is this fascinating woman? I’d love to meet her!’ Both Sue and Anne felt the world needed to meet her too. Thus To Sea in a Sailing Ship, a coffee table book of Mary’s superb photographs and poetically written diaries, was conceived.

locationLakehouse- To Sea in a Sailing Ship



Australian Love Poems
Edited Mark Tredinnick, launched by George Megalogenis       


locationLakehouse-  Australian Love Poems
date and time1.00pm-2.00pm (Sunday 3 August) ticket priceFREE


bianca ferrari

Launch of three books by Bianca Ferrari

The Continuum of Happiness
King of Desire Queen of Happiness
Flock the Gate

You are cordially invited to the launch of Bianca's three books. All three books contain her concept on happiness and freedom in varied approaches. The Continuum of Happiness elucidates the concept, King of Desire Queen of Happiness looks at it from a Buddhist point of view, and Flock the Gate is the sweet short story which tells the consequences of our continued ignorance of the meaning of live and let live. Bianca is looking forward to seeing you there.


date and time3.00pm-4.00pm (Sunday 3 August) ticket priceDOWNLOAD AN INVITATION