Workshops 2015

Its Not All About You

Moya Sayer-Jones
$60/$50*  BUY TICKETS
Monday 3 August, 1.30pm –4.30pm
Lone Goat Gallery, Cnr Lawson & Fletcher St (Byron Bay Library), Byron Bay

Scenario 1: Okay, so you’ve left yet another meeting or dinner party and you’re kicking yourself because once again you know the other person hasn’t really ‘got’ what you do or what you care about.
Scenario 2: You’re trying to write your About page or a funding proposal or your bio and you’re mystified that the person emerging seems to bear no resemblance to the person you have become. Or how you what to be seen.
There’s nothing harder than writing or speaking about yourself. How do we show up without showing off? It’s all about learning how your story connects with others and what they need.

Then we can ride gloriously together into the sunset. Join me in this workshop to learn how to share and celebrate the person you want the world to know about.
Moya Sayer-Jones is a novelist, columnist and story activist but this workshop is not about her. It’s about you!

Blogging for Writers

Zanni Louise
$60/$50*  BUY TICKETS
Monday 3 August, 1.30pm –4.30pm
SAE Creative Media Institute, 373 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay

A blog is a way for writers and creatives to share their work and develop a community around their writing. Unlike social media platforms, we can create a blog in any way we choose - it’s like designing a home. It’s our own personal space. This Workshop will introduce you to the wonderful world of blogging, and help you create your own blog. We’ll talk about the incredible opportunities blogging can create for writers and creatives, and discuss ways to build your community of readers.

Together, we’ll workshop exactly what you want for your blog in terms of design, look, feel and tone. We’ll develop a schedule for you to follow, which will stimulate you to start thinking about when and what you are going to blog about. This part of the workshop is really invigorating and exciting! If you bring your own computer, we’ll have the opportunity to start setting up your blog on WordPress. Zanni will introduce you to the basics, and help you choose a design, make changes to the design and will show you around the back end.

Zanni Louise is a children’s author living on the North Coast. She blogs at Her first book Too Busy Sleeping is out this September.


What's Your Story?

Mandy Nolan
$100/$85*  BUY TICKETS
Tuesday 4 August, 10.00am – 4.00pm
Byron Community College, Jonson Street, Byron Bay
East Point Arcade located in Jonson Street (across from Woolworths)

After publishing her third 'observational memoir' Mandy Nolan has found the key to what she says is 'The Pandora's box of story writing! Lived Experience! Who would have thought that my life wasn't just my life, it was a research project!!'Nolan believes that very often people don't recognise the treasure of their own lives. 'Even the most ordinary grim places can hold the most extraordinary insights. In her What’s Your Story?Workshop Nolan will tease out the story lines and narrative threads that bind us all.

Mandy Nolan is as an outrageously entertaining stand-up comedian who has leapt into print with three humorous memoirs, the latest of which is Home Truths.


Finding Your Write Direction

Hilton Koppe
$100/$85*  BUY TICKETS
Tuesday 4 August, 10.00am – 4.00pm
SAE Creative Media Institute, 373 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay

If you are considering attending one of this year’s Workshops, but can’t decide which one best suits your interests, this quick quiz may help.
Have you:
A. Always wanted to write but are not sure what to write about?
B. Felt there is a story inside you but still struggle to get it started?
C. Wanted to write to reflect upon life’s challenges and changes?
D. Dealt with health or medical issues and sought to write about these experiences?
E. Sought to broaden the scope of your workday academic or business writing?
F. Felt the frustrations of ‘writer’s block’ and delved for renewed creative energy?
G. Always wanted just to spend a day having fun playing with words?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this introductory Workshop may be for you.Participants will be offered a range of short writing exercisesto assist gaining confidence with yourwritten voice. It will be a pleasurable day, away from life’s incessant demands. Participants can expect to leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to write.

Dr Hilton Koppe is a GP and internationally recognized medical educator. His workshops have been received with critical acclaim in Australia, Europe and North America. Hilton regularly presents to doctors and other diverse groups. His writing has been published in both literary and medical journals including The Examined Life, Pulse, The Clinical Teacher and Australian Family Physician.


Capturing Young Hearts: Writing for the Middle Grades (8-12 years)

Jesse Blackadder
$60/$50*  BUY TICKETS
Wednesday 5 August, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Byron Community College, Jonson Street, Byron Bay

The ages of 8-12 are known as the golden age of reading – a time when children fall in love with books and develop as independent readers. ‘Capturing Young Hearts’ focuses on developing the storytelling skills needed to write for readers aged 8-12 years. In this two-hour session participants will explore:
• What are junior novels
• How to create engaging, memorable characters
• How to structure stories for junior readers
• What to leave in and what to leave out
• Practical exercises to jump-start creativity
• Questions on how to get published.

Dr Jesse Blackadder is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women, animals and cold places. She is the author of three adult novels and three children’s novels.

Brave New World of Publishing

Roz Hopkins
$100/$85* BUY TICKETS
Wednesday 5 August, 10am – 4pm
SAE Creative Media Institute, 373 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay

Options abound in the brave new world of book publishing – ebook, print-on-demand, DIY publishing, traditional publishing. These terms trip off today’s aspiring author’s tongue – but how do you know what’s right for you? This hands-on workshop will help you unpick the options best suited to the style and genre of your writing and your motivations for writing and getting published.
We’ll consider the key elements involved in creating a professional book – one that stacks up just as well as a book published by one of the major houses. And we will explore in detail the business end of publishing, ensuring that you understand what’s involved in distributing and promoting your book, and the financial return you might expect.
Every project is different and in this workshop we will base our discussions around attendees individual writing projects, so that each participant can expect to leave with an overview of how to move forward with their book.

Roz has worked in book publishing for over 20 years. She was most recently non-fiction publisher at HarperCollins and currently runs her own independent publishing house, Captain Honey.



Faber Writing Academy


Getting Published: Insiders reveal how to get your foot in the door, with Annette Barlow, Publisher, Allen & Unwin.
$120/$100*  SOLD OUT
Wednesday 5 August, 10am-4pm
Lone Goat Gallery, Cnr Lawson & Middleton St (Byron Bay Library), Byron Bay

A one-day course offering aspiring writers the opportunity to find out what really goes on inside a publishing house, how publishers make their choices and how to improve one’s chances of publication. The program will include sessions on sure-fire proposals, editing your first page, opening chapters, how to write a great covering letter and the Top 10 reasons manuscripts are rejected.

The day will include group sessions along with individual feedback – for this you are required to please send in the first two pages of your manuscript (double-spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12) with your name, the title and the genre in the header or footer, at least two weeks ahead of the course date.
Please send your two pages to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please note that Getting Published is targeted at students who have manuscripts written for the adult market; either fiction or non-fiction.

faber small


Alex Adsett
$60/$50*  BUY TICKETS
Wednesday 5 August, 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Byron Community College, Jonson Street, Byron Bay

A publishing workshop looking at the business side of the publishing industry, focusing on copyright and publishing contracts, what is a standard payment for your manuscript, traditional publishing vs self-publishing contracts, negotiating tips and tricks, how to spot a scam publishing offer and what a literary agent does anyway.

Alex Adsett is a publishing consultant specialising in copyright and contracts, and a literary agent focusing on fiction for adults and young adults.  @alexadsett

Writing about Me, Writing about You

Hannie Rayson
$60/$50* BUY TICKETS
Thursday 6 August, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Lone Goat Gallery, Cnr Lawson & Middleton St (Byron Bay Library), Byron Bay

I can't write about me, without writing about you. This workshop is about creating powerful portraits by building relationships. The person I am with is a parking officer (who's just booked me) is likely to be different to the person I am when being seduced by Brad Pitt. Or Waxy Kirk, who looks a bit like Brad Pitt from the back.

Bring a photograph of yourself as a child (school age). Let's unearth some great characters from your memory. And conjure some others from the ether. How do we get inside other people's heads and see the world through eyes other than our own? And how does this free us up to write more fulsomely about ourselves?


Feature Writing

David Leser
$60/$50* SOLD OUT
Thursday 6 August, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Byron Community College, Jonson Street, Byron Bay

David Leser is an award-winning journalist and author who has been writing feature articles for Australian and overseas publications for over 30 years. In this Workshop he explains the ingredients of a good feature. How to structure the story. How to find the right voice. How to get the angle of vision right. How to use quotes. What to leave in. What to take out. He will also look at the art of storytelling as opposed to news reporting. What are the essential ingredients that make a feature story memorable?
David Leser is theauthor of seven books, including his recent memoir, To Begin To Know: Walking In The Shadows of My Father.


Storyworld and Adaptations across Platforms

Mike Jones
$100/$85* BUY TICKETS
Thursday 6 August, 10am – 4pm
SAE Creative Media Institute, 373 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay

In the digital age audiences are devouring stories on all manner of platforms - we read, we watch, we play, we binge... For writers this a huge opportunity to develop and adapt their stories across various media genres, engaging vibrant audiences in different ways on different platforms. But to take advantage of these possibilities writers need to be flexible, they need to think holistically and not define themselves or their work by a singular form.

This lively interactive workshop will take participants through a process of defining their stories as multiplatform storyworlds–narrative engines that can generate ongoing stories for page, screen and interactive media. It will look at the principles of defining the dramatic pressures of a storyworld, the narrative structures that compel audiences on different platforms, and the principles of adaptation that allow your stories to manifest in formats old and new.

The Writers’ Workshop

Miguel Syjuco
$60/$50*  SOLD OUT
Thursday 6 August, 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Byron Community College, Jonson Street, Byron Bay

Sharing, reading critically, editorial feedback, and revision are key to a writer's development. This class is a bare-bones, no-nonsense creative writing workshop where students each submit one story to receive constructive criticism from their peers. Such scrutiny and feedback will help each aspiring author see their work with fresher eyes. It will also give participants a better understanding of how short stories are constructed and how revision can help them improve. Due to the intensive nature of this workshop, number of participants will be limited.
Please subimt a maximum of three pages of your short story or an excert to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30 July.

Journalist and writer Miguel Syjuco was born and raised in Manila. His debut novel Illustrado won many awards including the Man Asia Literary Prize.




Writing Your Novel in a Year

Krissy Kneen
$60/$50* SOLD OUT
Thursday 6 August, 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Lone Goat Gallery, Cnr Lawson & Middleton St (Byron Bay Library), Byron Bay

Krissy Kneen has published five books in just seven years. In this half-day Workshop you will visualise and plan your own project, committing to writing your book in a year and setting yourself on the path to completion.

KrissyKneen is the award-winning author of the memoir Affection,Triptych: An Erotic Adventure and the literary fiction novel Steeplechase. In 2014 she won the prestigious Thomas Shapcott award for poetry for her collection, Eating My Grandmothertobe published in 2015. Her novel The Adventures of Holly White and The Incredible Sex Machine will also be publishedin 2015.